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Not sure about you, But I’m getting tired of seeing all the ad’s and shows about going green like this article. But yeah. If we knew we were killing the planet back in the 196o-7o’s why wasn’t it more force on the governments to make more reusable things back then instead 4o/5o years later. I think its by 2o12, that every company must be eco friendly..

I’m not a tree hugging, hippie, green lover, BUT I do try and cut down my waste, recycle what I can (errr what the city allows us to recycle) and return my pop cans/beer bottles to the bottle depot at least every two months as I get a bigger pay out. I wash most of my clothes in cold water, I purchase what I can thats been reused into something new. Half my closet has clothes that are made from bamboo. I have my own veggie garden, if I could grow pineapples and avocados in the west coast of Canada I’d be happy|rich lol. I try and use non perfume cleaners .. but for the most part simple vinger and water work wonders. I never water my grass, the rain does that for me.

I am guilty of not car pooling (no one lives near me and I got weird hours and the bus system here sucks), driven places when I could have easily have walked (but then again walking home with bags of food and or cat litter isn’t as easy as one hoped). I’ve done it before and I’d do it again if I had walk 2 and a half hours to work and back again (5 hours a day) god I’d be fit.

Earth Hour was here and left as quickly as it came for another year. Right around all the talks about the event, I started surfing around looking to see where about in my corner of the province would we recycle all the plastics 1-7 nope just 1,2,3 and 5 so I guess I have to make more homemade ketchup until my city gets their butts in gear and takes 7′s as I miss my Heniz ketchup.

So with all of this and Earth Day coming on the 22nd of this month.. I thought why not send a letter off to the mayor of my city and ask why we aren’t taking all the 7 plastics at the recycling depot. I wrote it up yesterday and hopefully I hear back soon as it would be interesting to find out.

On a side note….. Has anyone had any luck purchasing or selling anything off craig’s list? I’m thinking about selling some furniture.

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  1. The whole thing’s crap. No one cares. There’s so many things that can be done and no one’s doing them. The mall by mean doesn’t have recycling bins. Why? It’s cheaper to pay the fine than to go through the trouble.
    Bring back the damn electric car! lol
    Honestly I think humans will destroy themselves long before global warming does.

  2. I’ve been saving all my aluminum cans and newspapers and I periodically take them down to be recycled. I don’t get any money out of it – but it hardly takes any time, so why not?

    We don’t even have buses in the part of my home town where I live (or the town that my college is, either) and so everyone just has to drive everywhere. I do walk everywhere on and around campus, though, so I suppose that counts for something :)

    It sounds like you’re doing a pretty good job of being “green” to me, so I wouldn’t worry too much about it.

    I’ve never bought/sold anything on Craigslist so I wouldn’t know anything about it – but good luck!

  3. Woah, you’re already doing way more than the average person! You should be proud of yourself!

    Honestly though, I’m not worried about global warming. The earth has a trend of warming and cooling cycles. So we’re on a warming cycle. I think humans are the most dominant species on the planet because of our ability to live anywhere. Personally, I hate winter and 3 feet deep snow, so I’m not terribly concerned about having to live in a warmer environment.

    I sound like a terrible human being.

  4. You’re definitely doing more than the average person’s fair share. I’m with you – I do all I can, but there’s a point where you can only do so much when our authority and government won’t get their ass in gear.

    It’s difficult because green is such a fad, what happens when the fad is over and no one pays any more attention? Honestly, I’ll do what I can but we’re more of a threat to ourselves than natural forces at this point.

  5. Sounds like your doing your share! I’m like you, why now? Because there faced with the fact that global warming is taking over and the world is going to implode. ha. Maybe.

    Hope everything has been good since we talked last. I’ll have to get back on IM soon. It’s been so damn hectic around here as you can read in my blog. I’ve had time for nothing including myself. lol. take care. ttys.

  6. Ahahah… I had participated in Earth Hour, but it wasn’t my “idea”. My sister’s REALLY into this kind of thing, and she really believes in global warming… And yeah, like some people here, I don’t really believe in global warming either…

  7. I haven’t seen anything in Florida for recycling, aaand there is no bottle deposit here. Stupid Florida!

    I want to get that new household cleaner I saw a commercial for, I think it’s called Green or something.

    My boyfriend I purchased a stackable washer and dryer from craigslist and everything went pretty smoothly. Except, the dryer doesn’t dry to well. I always have to restart it. But…we only payed $70 dollars for it.

  8. There’s a lot of recycling centers near me, especially bottle banks… But, the amount of times I see people using them is not very.
    We do have to recycle waste at work and sort it into different types, yet we still waste loads and loads of paper when we’re sent emails from head office that we have to print off! It’s ridiculous and we’re just contradicting ourselves.

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