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Silly as it sounds, it just clicked the other day when I was talking to a long time net friend. That we’ve been friends now for 10 years and it also means its my onlineversary. Even though I got an email account in 1995, I wasn’t really into the interacting with people in chat-rooms and what not until the fall after I graduated high school.

Within the 10 years I’ve been online, there has been a lot of changes. I remember one of the first networking sites out there, to everyone having a site(s) on geocites, to if you weren’t hosted by someone/had your own domain you were looked down a upon. Even the battle of who’s browser is better internet explore vs netscape (at the time) now internet explore is against firefox, safari, chrome, opera etc. One thing I don’t miss is the ever so many webrings, tagboards and annoying pop ups on peoples sites.

I still think its neat that I’m still use two of my original screen names/email accounts from 1999.. They are now used mostly for my long time friends/family on chat and to collect all my junk email. All my paddlinggeek screen names have everyone else I talk to on chat. :hyper:

How many screen names have you gone though before you found the perfect one?
Do you still use any of them?

5 thoughts on “onlineversary

  1. How many screen names have you gone though before you found the perfect one?
    Ohh, plenty. I’ve been Pv, Sleeper, Artful, Shiritsu..and now “Shiri” :D And there have been others..

    Do you still use any of them?
    Yup. Many still know me as Pv, “ex-Sleeper” or Shiritsu/Shiri.

  2. Reminiscing on your online identity… great post!

    I’ve been online since 1999 and it’s amazing how much the web has changed! I’ve used so many networking sites and blog providers out there too. I wonder how the web will look like 10 years from now?

  3. Happy Onlieversary!

    I’ve been online since .. 1999 or so. At first it was just email and chat amongst friends. I’d say I got into wanting and owning a website about 2-3 years later.

    I haven’t been through a lot of screen names, however, domain names is another thing :P

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