Farewell Midwest, Hello Westcoast

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This is a continuation from the last two posts of my trip. Farewell Wet Westcoast, Hello Midwest and Thanksgiving round #3.

Day 4 (Friday)
We (Kari, Woody and myself) saw planet 51 after their bowling league game. It was nice to watch people bowl who have a passion for it compared to someone like me who goes bowling once a year, if that.

Day 5 (Saturday)
Kari and I drove down to Kentucky and met up with one of her world of warcraft friends and we saw new moon and had dinner at a Big Boy. :p

Day 6 (Sunday)
Drove back to Indianapolis, hung out at the brother in-laws to watch the Colts game, but I was more focused on who was winning the Grey Cup (the Canadian football league version of the Superbowl) and since my team (BC Lions) wasn’t in it this year, I was cheering on Montreal and they won by a point, 28-27 against Saskatchewan.

Day 7 (Monday) On the way up to meet up with Kari’s mom (my other mom… can’t have to many of those) and one of Kari’s and my good friends for dinner. We took a detour and visited Kari’s late grandparents tombstones before the sun went down. Kari’s grandparents took me in as one of their own, when they first met me, boy do I miss them.

Day 8 (Tuesday) was a lazy day and made sure all my things that needed to be charged like cellphone, my nintendo ds and ipod touch where for my trip home. As well as all my clothes were washed (I like traveling with clean clothes not stinky clothes on the way home) and played tetris with my backpack getting everything to fit back in it. I dislike traveling with luggage when taking more then one flight. The whole thing of transferring your own luggage to your next gate is annoying so I travel with a backpack.

And today I head back home.. looking forward sleeping back in my own kingsize bed and sharing it with my four kitties.

I’ve taken over 1500 pictures on this trip… but have not had time to update my flickr account, will tackle that later on in the week when I’m back at home. :ugh:

How was your last few days been??

4 thoughts on “Farewell Midwest, Hello Westcoast

  1. Speaking of the Grey Cup, I’m still unclear as to who I was cheering for and therefore remain confused on whether I’m happy or unhappy. What is clear though, is that the Rider fan at work is getting a gift from Santa – an orange calculator with a note letting him know his team can use it in the future to count up to 12.

    Yes. I’m cruel.

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