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It’s a new year so I thought why not try something new on (PGN). As well bump up the interaction on my facebook and twitter accounts (why add me if your not gonna talk?) Over the last three weeks or so I’ve started thinking what kind of interactions that I wanted to add to PGN and “Question of the Day” was my number one pick and it’s worked well for others in the past. So here what I asked on Wednesday for my first question of the day is:

If you could have any celebrity chef cook for you a week. Who would it be and why? *

My answer would be a toss up between Giada De Laurentiis because I love her food and Guy Fieri cause I love his shows.

The feedback I got from twitter and facebook:

So who would you want cooking away in your kitchen???

*the reasoning behind the question is because I watched to many cooking shows over the holidays

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