The beaches

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Writing in the Sand
PGN written in the sand

Near the end of the trip, we did find ourselves at a different beach almost every day. It was really nice to be able to enjoy the summer like weather by doing something other then being stuck in a building sightseeing and or drive from point A to B to C all the time. Since I wasn’t really keeping up with my dryland training (crunches,jogging etc) I just used going to the beach to be my dryland training with some swimming, I also mixed it up a bit by doing some body surfing when I wasn’t able to rent a bodyboard.

Some of the beaches we went to were jammed packed with people and others had barely anyone on them which was quite nice as your not always dealing with huge crowds. We did a lot of our swimming when we were traveling along the Eastern coastline/Indian Ocean. I do have to say it was really nice to be swimming in a warm ocean for once. Having brought my Chawel towel with me on trip, I found that changing on crowd beaches a lot easier then having to wait to use a change room.

My Best Friend and I, after a few hours of swimming

An afternoon of Body Boarding

3 thoughts on “The beaches

    • Those were changing rooms, I wish we could have stayed in those… We mostly stayed with my friends family or rented a place to stay for a few nights.

  1. I’ve never heard of the Chawel, I’m now going to look more into it, haha. Looks like you had a ball of fun. I’ve never been body boarding, and water activities aren’t really my thing… I don’t go to the beach often either, I have to admit. Last night I went to a show that was right next to the beach though. The view was lovely. :)
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