Outrigger and Bobsleigh

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Saturday morning dragon boat practice started off as a disappointment, we normally have enough to fill two boats but thanks to spring break we had enough for one and a half boats. So those of us who weren’t in the dragon boat took out the outrigger instead. Yeah sure, I was annoyed at first I wasn’t in the dragon boat but as the practice went on I was glad I was in the outrigger, as I’ve been wanting to work on my stroke and what not.

Outrigger Practice

With the weather being so nice, I decided that after practice I’d go to a local high school track to work on some sprints but when I got there the place was placed. Came home and bought out some cones to do some sprint drills. I hope I didn’t damage the grass :eek:

Cone Drills

Fast forward to Sunday, I spent the afternoon in Whistler as I was taking part in Whistlers Sliding Centre’s public bobsleigh ride. It was something I have always wanted to try/do but wasn’t willing to spend money and fly to Calgary to do it. We all sign in and get weighted with our shoes/jackets and try on helmets. After a quick intro we get dropped off at the novice start (curve 7) meet our drivers and climb into the sleds. I’m not sure who got the fastest time/speed but all I know that the sled I was in, got up to 127.8KM/Hr and it took us 43 seconds to get from the novice start to the finish line (9 curves later). I’d definitely do it again but maybe next time as a push athlete/brakeman were I don’t have to see where I’m going ..

A Bobsled

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