Easter 2012

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Hey! Hope everyone had a great easter/long weekend! We sure did.

It’s been a busy last few days, I was hoping to have this post up on Monday but got busy.

Since I was the one buying the chocolate easter eggs this year, I was the one who was controlling how much chocolate was coming into the house. So I gave my mom and her dragonboat team the bag of chocolate that I had and I used what was left over. Why should I go overboard on chocolate when I barely eat the stuff?

The kidlet got a good mix of toys, books and of course chocolate, even my cats got spoiled they got some more treats and the youngest one got a new collar and of course I got myself a bag of mini eggs(yum) and some more sunscreen.

The wine I got in South Africa

Easter dinner was great not just cause the great company but the food was amazing and the wine I brought, had great reviews from everyone who had a glass.

How was your easter/long weekend?

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