Team LARD heading to Hong Kong

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When you been around a paddling community for more than half your life you get to meet some amazing people and teams who turn into extend family from all over the world. I have had the honour of paddling against and even with LARD (Los Angeles Racing Dragons) over the years. Only two teams I have been on have ever come close to how close knit this club really as a family.

This July LARD will be racing in four different divisions at the Club Crew World Championships in Hong Kong representing their club as well the USA. In addition, with it being LARD’s 15 season, the club designed new practice jerseys and used it as a fundraiser for any non-LARD members. Instead of a posing in the new shirt, I leave you with this amazing action shot from one of their recent practices.

Source: Scott

“L.A.R.D, L.A.R.D, L.A.R.D go team L.A.R.D”

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