In September I got invited to attend a photography event hosted by Vancouver’s chapter of Drink and Click, September’s challenge was to do some light painting. After meeting at a local pub we walked down to the beach and set up all our gear before the sun went down for the night. I can’t wait to try light painting again, but this time I would like to try using glow sticks and a few other things for some cool effects.

Light Painting

Light Painting

I have uploaded a few more of my favourites onto my flickr account.

Looking forward to the next one 🙂

3 Comments on Light Painting with fire

  1. I’ve tried to “light paint” in the past, but my attempts look nowhere near as good as those ones. Mind you, it’s usually been done after a pint or two and never with sparklers. Usually cell phones. And a well inebriated camera person.

    Can you say blurry?

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