Happy December 1st everyone! Here are some of my goals to tackle this month,

  • Start preparing for the fitness test/challenge I have to do in January
  • When at Starbucks or Tim Horton’s start a “pay it forward” (ie.. pay for the next order behind you) – if there isn’t one already happening at the drive thru
  • Finish the stocking stuffer shopping before the stores get crowed (already finished my christmas shopping in the summer – yay for trips)
  • Cut back on the amount of pop(soda) I drink
  • Work on a bucket list of all the places I’d love to travel to next and paddle

What are some of your goals this month?

1 Comment on December Goals

  1. It seems like you’re always training for something, which I think is pretty awesome. I’m sure you’ll do just fine on your fitness test.

    I like the idea of “pay it forward” when at a drive thru, I just worry about the person behind me ordering the whole menu and being shocked that instead of say $10 to cover their meal, I ended up spending $50. Which I know makes no sense as I’d be “paying it forward” and doing something kind.

    As far as my goals for this month…

    – Make it through the month and not kill anyone.
    – Try to get enough sleep
    – Read a book

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