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My DIY Beach Themed Christmas

My main living area is decorated in a Beach theme and I’ve always wanted to do a tree that would match the rest of the room (thanks to Esty and Pinterest for giving me the ideas) however whenever I was looking over the years I wasn’t able to find anything (shells, starfish etc) at craft stores or dollar stores. So I went with my backup plan Snowman themed tree.

My luck finally changed earlier this year (YAY!) and I picked up four different bags of shells (didn’t know how many I’d need/how big my tree would be), 5 starfish and a bunch of ribbon. Spent one afternoon cutting the ribbon to the lengths I wanted and going though and picking out all the shells I wanted on the tree and hot gluing the ribbon to those shells. Any of the shells I didn’t use on my tree are on display in a bowl on my coffee table.

Do you have a themed tree?
Single Coloured or Multi lights or White lights on a tree?

Christmas Wishlist

I got this blog post idea from Desiree’s blog post and Lisa’s blog post.


Having just retiring some of my paddling gear at the end of the 2014 season, I though this would be a great way to start off a brand new season with brand new gear.

1. White and Red LED lights for my PFD (for night time paddling)
2. An Outrigger Paddle (Nehu Double Bend Hybrid Paddle) – you can never own to many paddles
3. A 1000ml water bottle
4. PFD (life jacket)
5. A mini dry bag for car keys, ID, money, cellphone – that can attach to the PFD or be placed in a pocket
6. Rain Jacket that can be used for paddling or running in

What’s on your Christmas Wish List?