November has became a Blur

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Since my last post earlier in the month, this month has gone into a blur were I’ve been on the go non stop and I’m ready to just hide under the covers until I fly out tomorrow morning. Here are just some of the things I did this month that I would have wrote about if I had the energy / time to.

  • I’ve worked at a two craftfairs with the charity I help out. We sell at two of the three well known BC craftfairs and now a lot of the Vendors, who do both of them know me. Just cause I keep getting new stuff from them yearly.
  • Purchased a dress from my favourite store lilikoi clothing and I’m not a dress person at all.
  • I fianlly met VancityAllie at her amazing two in one party (birthday/housewarming).
  • After nine months of renos, trying to find a free weekend around Dragon Boat …. We finally had our housewarming (16 months after we moved in)
  • My dragon boat club was having a fundraiser at a WHL Hockey game, for most of us that was our first time at a hockey game ever. I’ve been to games that my friends played in but never at this level.

Now for today’s post..

Since everyone has taken the new skytrain (like a subway) system but for me, I thought why not use it then when I head to the airport tomorrow morning as I use to jump onto transit and get the airport with no problem. Now that I live 45 minutes away (by car) taking transit would take over two hours to get to the airport which I was willing to do however, I was not willing to leave my place by 11pm Monday night to get there at 1am Tuesday Morning for an 8:30am flight. No thanks! Why should I be hanging around there when the restaurants or even customs are closed down for the night? I even looked at airport shuttles a nice door to door service but $40 bucks on top of $900 (after taxes) for a plane ticket(s) is, extra money I don’t have at this time of year.

Thankfully my mom offered me a ride in, I just owe her a coffee in the morning. Which also means I can sleep in my bed instead on a public seat (transit/airport) cause who knows when they were last cleaned/cleaned well.

My relaxful day planned turned into running around doing a few more things that I didn’t expect to do today. But I never got a chance to pick up travel insurance last week like I wanted to.

Guess I should do that now, so I have the rest of the day to relax and pack for snowy weather. :toque:

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1950 housewife, am not

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Joking around with Tyler the other day, that I feel like a 1950 housewife but minus the dress and heels (since I don’t own a dress and can’t stand heels). Though he thinks I should purchase both just to fill out the role perfectly. HA no! But thankfully since I’m not really working at this moment he been keeping me sane as all it seems these days, that am I’m doing is cleaning. I’m still trying to get this place dust free from the renos and having 4 cats a cocktail in the middle of shedding their winter coats isn’t fun either.

Maybe I do have a 1950 house wife mindset (or tree hugging hippie) when it comes to making my own cleaning chemicals like water and vinegar. From what we can purchase these days I find are they way to toxic and if I get headaches from store bought products, then I don’t want them in my house harming my family or pets.

With the weather has been amazing lately, I’ve been using our clothesline every chance I get when I’ve been doing laundry. There is something about the smell of air dried clothing in the summer months. If I didn’t live in a wet climate, I would be using my clothes line a lot more though out the year. I grew up with clothes lines and I think they are a great way to save money over the summer months. So let the wind can dry your clothes for free, so you can have extra spending $$ around the holidays.

Have you used vinegar and water as a cleaner?
Do you use a clothes line? (if your city by law allows it)
If you haven’t, would you?