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I have the best brother EVER! Okay maybe sometimes. He was dropped by over the weekend, as he was picking up some chilly bites from a little local African store. While he was there noticed they recently got a shipment of potato chips in, normally they don’t have them in when we go. When I was in South Africa in December I came across the flavor Caribbean Onion and Balsamic Vinegar lets just say, I’ve been craving those since I’ve been back. Now that they are in the house I’m trying to be good not to eat them.

Those Tomato/Ketchup flavored ones were my brothers thankfully he finished them off before he left (after the picture was taken).


C4AC #4 – Doodles

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Comment for a Cause (C4AC) is back for it’s 4th year. C4AC is my way to raises funds & awareness. This year I’ve picked BC Children’s Hospital as my charity of choice. Each comment this site gets equals $1 that I will be donating at the end of the month.. Don’t forget to keep up to date by subscribing to my rss feed

While waiting for youtube to finish uploading a video I posted this afternoon from yesterdays regatta, I glanced down at one of my rings and thought that would be a great ankle tattoo. But I’m not gonna get a new ink until after this season is over.

Back in high school I use to doodle all the time in class and instead of flowers or hearts with a guys name in them, I’d draw aliens not sure why I guess I’m just unique like that.. So now I’m thinking about getting a tattoo of that to remind me of my youth and what’s more to come..

I think it’s just gonna be the alien with it’s crown, but it is fun to get ideas of what my next tat’s are gonna be :)

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