Almost there

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Silly as it may sound; I gave myself a deadline two years ago yesterday, to get my weight back under control as I miss paddling at competitive level. I was able to lose everything but 5 or 10 pounds from when I was pregnant back in 2007 but when I had emergency gall bladder surgery two years later (2009), I ballooned back up to my 9-month pregnancy weight plus some, which freaked the hell out of me. Since then, there has always been some sort of roadblocks called life in my way and those what IF’s that are always in the back of your mind.

What IF I did not go on my trip, I would be closer to/at my goal weight
IF I was not recovering from a shoulder injury, where would I be in my fitness goal
What IF I was paddling on another team, would that help me get closer to my goals
IF only I was that much closer to my goal weight
I cannot let stress run my life

Sure, I was hoping to be a lot closer to my goal weight by now but at least I can see it in sight and I know I am a lot stronger then I was and my endurance level has improved. But at the same time I’m happy that my shoulder is allowing me to do more with it, ex. I am able to increasing the weights at the gym and even being able to paddle on both sides (of the boat) which has made me very happy, I hated being only able to paddle on one side .

The plan is now to get more focused and use yesterday’s weight in as a benchmark for how far I’ve gotten and how close I am to my goal weight. Now to make sure I don’t fall off that diet like I did last week (thanks to a ex)


What? Race day is in how many days…

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Good Morning!

It didn’t hit me until yesterday when I was booking my next massage into my calendar, that my team’s first race of the season is truly in a month time (April 28). This regatta is a great one for the beginning of the season as the race course is only 200 meters long, as not everyone is able to do a 500 meter race just like that.

I do have to say it’s been a slow start to our 2012 season as mother nature hasn’t being playing nice and it hasn’t help that a few people are away over the spring break, which means we haven’t had a lot of on the water practices. Though a lot of us have been cross training in outrigger so we can get at least some water time, but it’s not the same as practicing in a dragon boat that your gonna be racing in. Outrigger is a lot higher up off the water and has a different stroke. Plus I’m also at the gym/on the treadmill at home every day I’m not on the water.


I just heart that quote!

Do you modified your training because of the weather?