A PGN reorg

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Since I have sometime tonight, I thought I would better get on with the pgn category/tag re-org that I wanted to do it in middle of last year but never got around to it. OOPS! Thankfully I don’t have to go though 8 and a half years of old posts (lost all of my old posts that I saved when my computer crashed back in 2007), but it would have nice to see how much my writing style and even what I write about has changed from when I first started blogging in late 2000/early 2001. Okay, now that just I feel OLD!!! :eek:

I didn’t forget but haven’t had a chance to mention for the last two weeks ago (Feb 15), I changed layouts to this one as it is more of a spring like, with the different pastel blues. I also joined some new networking sites, so if you have a chance please visit them and no none of them are those “mommy blogger” related network sites.

How often do you find yourself tweaking/re-organizing your site?

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PGN Fanpage

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For the longest time I’ve been on the fence about having a fanpage for this site like everyone else OR not and be unique.

After updating my clubs fanpage this afternoon, I caved in and just created one for PGN. I don’t expect to have a lot of likes/followers or anything like that but I just wanted a place for my loyal readers of almost 9 years to go and interact, take part in fan page only contests/giveaways etc. :hyper2:

If you haven’t already joined and would like to, here is the fan page link.

Happy Friday!

Does your website have one?
How has your fanpage help promote your website/brand?

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