Autumn finally began

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Happy October everyone,

Not sure about you but autumn finally arrived to Vancouver on Tuesday by having a major rain storm. Thankfully out where I am, I did not see the same amount of rain compared to the people who live/work in the downtown core. The picture below was taken when I went out for my mid day walk, thankfully it wasn’t raining to hard at that point.

Rain drops

With the wacky winter and long heatwave summer that we’ve had, I’m really curious what autumn has planned for us this year. Thankfully I was able to winterize my garden last week before the rain came and made a family classic beef stew with the potatoes and carrots we had in the garden.

I’m looking forward to when the leafs on the trees start turning colours and and falling. But I’m not looking forward to raking up the fallen leafs.

How has your autumn been so far?

Sidenote: Just re-added my halloween related smilies to the comment section


My labour day weekend and Football

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2009 Challenge 23/365 - Fill The Frame I maybe a paddling geek but I do LOVE my (canadian and american style) football! A university team (I support) and two pro teams were playing this long weekend. Its been a long time since I was able to watch three days of football in a row, it was really nice that all three teams won too. A nice way to start off the long weekend I think. :)

Sunday, I just hung out with my Mom and brother by going though some boxes of my late grandfolks. Its been three years since they passed on, but we just haven’t gotten around to sorting some of their boxes that were from a filing cabinet. One of the great fines was a 12 page typed written story with some handwritten notes from late great uncle about a week long a canoe trip that he took with my uncle back in the late 60′s. I never got a chance to meet him but from the stories I heard about my great uncle he was interesting character and being blind never stopped him do anything either.

Holiday Monday was gonna be a day of relaxing, and re-organizing my computer desk but I noticed my site’s counter showed my site had a few unwanted visitors (spider-bots and spammers) so spent a good hour and a bit fixing that problem. If you’re unsure about having a site counter you really should get one. Nile’s latest post explains why you should get one.

How was your long weekend?

Photo credit: Loren Zemlicka .