Question of the Day: Post Olympic Thoughts

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Question of the day: What was your favourite Olympic memory / moment ?

I have three:
- Talking to a few athletes (on twitter) and I am gonna try out their different sports this summer,
- Watching a friend of mines, friends take part in one of the snowboarding events. She didn’t medal but she had a blast :)
- As well seeing everyone in their countries colours cheering like no tomorrow.

Answers from Facebook:
- Plushenko’s many antics, including this gem if a quote: “Without the quad, it’s not men’s figure skating.”
- Joannie Rochette skating and winning bronze!
- Jubilant crowds on car free streets.
- Gold Medal Men’s Hockey will always live in my Memory.
- My daughters excitement as the torch came though.. she was sitting on her dads shoulders and screamed out “YAY!!!” Super cute.
- Running through the streets of downtown Vancouver yelling and screaming with a bunch of other people waving the Canadian flag. Total strangers, but all Canadian :)
- When we won gold and silver for women’s bobsledding, gold for both hockey teams, and the ridiculous closing ceremony with the flying moose. Ahaha

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