Question of the Day: Winter Olympics

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With the 2010 Winter Olympic Games starting tomorrow..

The Question of the Day : If you made it to the Winter Olympics as an athlete, what would be your sport?

My answer: Bobsleigh .. I had a chance to try out for the team years ago but at that time I didn’t want to move to Calgary and or give up Dragon Boating. Now I’m kicking myself for it.

Answers from Facebook:
- Napping,
- Luge – that looks like so much fun,
- Figure skating… which I actually did for a while,
- Hockey,
- Is being a gangster an Olympic event?
- Snowman tipping,
- Snowboarding,
- Toboggan Super Cross,
- sticking my tongue to a frozen pole for the win!,
- Curling,
- My sport would be making sure everyone got along as best as possible, and truly enjoyed the spirit!

Answers from Twiter:
- Dragonboat Bobsled