Hi and thanks for stopping by Paddling-Geek.Net (PGN for short), the names Kimm not Kim or Kimmy just Kimm. Paddling-Geek.Net has been my home of my thoughts now over over a decade.


  • I am a simple 30 something year old living life to the fullest.
  • Been Dragonboating now more years then I haven’t (2014 was my 20th year in the sport).
  • I try and keep a healthy lifestyle.
  • I have a green thumb when it comes to gardening.
  • Some might say I am the crazy cat lady – as I do have four cats.
  • LOVE to travel when I get a chance, recently got a chance to join a dragonboat practice and paddle on the River Thames while I was vacationing in London (Aug 2014).
  • My favourite holiday/time of year is Halloween.
  • I collect Starbucks mugs even though I’m a tea drinker (can’t stand the taste of coffee).


It all started back in the fall of 1999, were I started off on one of those freebie sites (geocities) like everyone else and by 2001. I decided to take the leap and got hosted and started blogging. Within two years of being hosted I wanted to branch out and become my own brand. With the help of some friends who helped by coming up with the domain name Paddling-Geek.Net. PGN was created back in June 2003.


Sun Set over False Creek
Photo above – Taken with my cell phone after practice one night

I have always enjoyed being behind the camera and taking photos ever since I got a hold of my first camera.

It wasn’t until the last few years were I’ve been challenging myself to learn more.