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After months and months of hitting the pavement, applying everywhere. I got myself a job that works wonderfully with my paddling|coaching gig evenings. Just have to make sure the team doesn’t paddle past 8:45 as it’s an hour drive (on the highway) to get to work from practice, or an 3o minute walk/bike from my place.

The store is having it’s grand opening in mid December, not that far from now. I got hired on to help set up the store then move straight into working the graveyard shift. I do know I’d love to move up in the chain at one point but right now I like working nights.


Comments for a Cause – Recap

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Thank you all who took part in the comment for a cause that ran for the last 13 days of October. I will be donating $70 dollars to the Canadian Cancer Society later on today. :hyper:

:flower: A dear friend of mine Cindy is also took on this challenge as well. Please give her some love :heart:

Nothing is really new around here, other then I got my hair cut. I still got my pink tips though instead of 4 inches of hot pink, its now just 1 inch of light pink tips. I do love it when hair dye fades after a while. As I only coloured my tips in June for my area’s biggest festival.