It’s Halloween Time

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This is the last post in the comment for a cause project. [Well for 2oo8 anyways] I want to thank everyone. I will be writing a cheque on Monday, with the final total of comments for the last 13 days.

Hope everyone’s Hallowe’en|Friday went well? I didn’t do to much, just dressed up as a zombie and hanged out candy to the little trick or treaters. Since clubbing and drinking aren’t my thing. I’m not looking forward to, tomorrow taking down all the halloween decorations. Bleh. :( Now I’m just watching a lot of old classic ghostbuster cartoons.

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A sweet lil anniversary for the ages

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My grumpy old man My handsome prince aka My grumpy old man aka The man of the household aka Scott just celebrated his 14th anniversary of being a part of my family today. Who’s gotta put up with 3 girls cats and 1 girl cockatiel.

Scott and his late brother (by cat adoption) Fritz (a red point siamese) had their 15 minutes of fame at 10 months old on a local news channel. Only thing I’d never do again would be getting a pet before halloween (or any huge holiday).

I’m not sure how much longer he is gonna be around. Thought we’d have to put him down a few years ago due to his bad knee turned into a bad hip problem. (he looks drunk when he walks). But he still likes to jump from the ground to the ottoman (where his bed is). He is now slowly going blind and deaf. But the brain is fine. Getting old is not fun at all. :frank4:

I thought for sure that he wasn’t gonna last the move, but so far so good. I take every day for granted as he was the 1st one out of the kennels (the 3 girls weren’t interested). It may take him some time but he does go up and down the huge flight of stairs in the new place, but the food/the main litterbox is on the floor his bed is on. I’d rather see this guy moving around then sleeping for 23 and a half hours a day.

We celebrated with a tin of tuna fish. (I had a tuna sandwich for lunch and the cats got the clean the tin and had the juice.)