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2015 Goals Recap

Post at: 9:30 AM

It doesn’t feel like it’s about to be 2016, where did this year (2015) go?

Going back through some of my 2015 posts (and a lot of my drafts), I came across my “Hello 2015” post. I thought it would be fun to share what I was able to complete. My answers are in bold


  • Plan out a weeks meals a head of time (so I’m less likely to eat junk food) – Some weeks were better then others
  • Drink more water some days are better then others


  • Improve my erg time on the rowing machine – been doing more pilates then erg lately¬†
  • Start adding more burpee’s into my fitness routine (since my team LOVES them) – still dislike them
  • Sign up for another (or two) 5KM run/walk – did over 5 events this year


  • Finish the last two course, I want to take – finished, now looking to see what else I can take


  • Blog more – A lot of the posts I wrote were meant for my eyes only, hoping to change that and hit publish more often¬†
  • Post more on twitter, facebook, google plus, instagram, pinterest Mostly been using instagram lately
  • Attend more social media events (like I use to) – attended 3 events

Summer Recap

Post at: 3:38 PM

Wow! what a insane yet wonderful summer, I’ve been so busy with work, I haven’t had a chance to site down and blog for the last while

Here are some of the highlights of my summer

  • Friends from out of town came up for a visit
  • My team placed 2nd overall in our last regatta of the season
  • Signed up for 4 virtual 5k races (reminder to self don’t do a 5k walk after a day of racing)

How was your summer?
What did you get up to?

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