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2014 in Review (in Pictures)

Post at: 2:45 AM

2014 has been an interesting year, I’m looking forward to seeing what 2015 has in store for me (and my family)


My workout buddy

Sunset with birds flying over head

A snowy db practice
A snowy Dragonboat Practice

boats on the water
An Outrigger Practice

Taking in the sunrise while I was working (I tend to work the graveyard shift)

Raced in Vancouver’s biggest Dragonboat Festival

My town’s Canada Day Fireworks

Dragonboating on the Thamas
One of the highlight of my trip to England and Wales was joining the Windy Panda’s for a practice.

Raced in Portland, Oregon – its been years since I last raced there

Thanksgiving Dinner with an aunt (who turned 100 in December) and a family friend’s baby (who’s 12 days old in that picture)

Joe and Larisa wedding
Attend a friends wedding

Santa Shuffle Medal
Took part in a run/walk in early December, raising money for the Salvation Army

My DIY Beach Themed Christmas

Post at: 12:11 PM

My main living area is decorated in a Beach theme and I’ve always wanted to do a tree that would match the rest of the room (thanks to Esty and Pinterest for giving me the ideas) however whenever I was looking over the years I wasn’t able to find anything (shells, starfish etc) at craft stores or dollar stores. So I went with my backup plan Snowman themed tree.

My luck finally changed earlier this year (YAY!) and I picked up four different bags of shells (didn’t know how many I’d need/how big my tree would be), 5 starfish and a bunch of ribbon. Spent one afternoon cutting the ribbon to the lengths I wanted and going though and picking out all the shells I wanted on the tree and hot gluing the ribbon to those shells. Any of the shells I didn’t use on my tree are on display in a bowl on my coffee table.

Do you have a themed tree?
Single Coloured or Multi lights or White lights on a tree?

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