A Very WET March Madness

This is one of my favourite races to photograph. Since this year’s race happened to be the same day as my dragonboat practice, it meant I didn’t have to travel into town twice that weekend, but also meant that I was gonna be missing a few of the early morning heats (races) but catch the rest of the afternoon heats.

Thanks to mother nature, the day before was beautiful and of course the day were I have practice it was raining buckets and the wind just went through your bones if you weren’t moving.

I wished I could have stayed longer to watch the rest of that heat and more of the afternoon heats but I just could not keep myself warm. (it took a few hours after I got home to warm up my core again)


Check out my flickr account to see more pictures

I’m hoping that the next local Outrigger race will have nicer weather.

April Goals

My goals this month are:

  • Spend more ME time with a good book or two
  • Find two new recipes to try
  • Now that it’s spring, take more nature photos
  • Go for a walk every day (if raining use the treadmill)

What are some of your goals this month?