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Happy Sunday, how is everyone’s weekend going?

Not sure about you, but whenever I see any of these three commercials. My mind just goes a mile a minute with

- Boy do I feel out of shape just watching those people (and I’m not out of shape)
- Have I, Did I workout today, If not then I’m heading back to the gym
- My bad shoulder starts to ache

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What? Race day is in how many days…

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Good Morning!

It didn’t hit me until yesterday when I was booking my next massage into my calendar, that my team’s first race of the season is truly in a month time (April 28). This regatta is a great one for the beginning of the season as the race course is only 200 meters long, as not everyone is able to do a 500 meter race just like that.

I do have to say it’s been a slow start to our 2012 season as mother nature hasn’t being playing nice and it hasn’t help that a few people are away over the spring break, which means we haven’t had a lot of on the water practices. Though a lot of us have been cross training in outrigger so we can get at least some water time, but it’s not the same as practicing in a dragon boat that your gonna be racing in. Outrigger is a lot higher up off the water and has a different stroke. Plus I’m also at the gym/on the treadmill at home every day I’m not on the water.


I just heart that quote!

Do you modified your training because of the weather?