Summer Road Trip Recap

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Hey PGN readers, hope you are all having a great July/summer so far! It has been a crazy last few months and on June 28, I got a chance to take a mini getaway by visiting my best friend and her husband for a few days and taken in some fireworks. Even though I did not really like the temperature (it was anywhere between 102’F to 118’F) the trip is what I need. My friends do know how to put on a great Canada Day (July 1st) and Independence Day (July 4th) parties.

On the way home my 1st flight was an hour late, which cut into my 90-minute layover. By the time I got to my gate for my 2nd flight, I missed my flight by 5 minutes. Thanks to the person at the airline, I was able to fly into Seattle that same night and got picked up (Thanks Mom). By the time it was over, I was very happy to be in my own bed.

Now for some pictures

Walking to the plane Looking over Kentucky Board Games <3 Friends Untitled Waterslide Waterslide Cake Fireworks Fireworks

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St. Patrick’s Day Weekend

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Hope everyone had a great St. Patrick’s Day :z21: ,

I didn’t do to much, went to practice to find out it was cancelled due to the wind chill and snow which was a disappointment. So the team and I had a great brunch at our favourite “after practice” restaurant where everything is handmade or locally bought and very organic. It’s a great way to do some team bonding with some of our new teammates.

The one time, I forgot to bring my gym gear with me, the practice didn’t happen. Grr! I normally over pack my paddling bag for all weather conditions as I don’t know what the weather is really gonna be like and living an hour out doesn’t always help. So this way if practice gets cancelled for some reason, I’d be able to go straight to the gym instead of going home first. As I got home yesterday, the gym was put on hold. :blah:

I did feel a bit guilty that I didn’t workout yesterday, so this morning I jumped onto the treadmill and did a light 60 minute cardio workout before I headed out to a very good friend of mine’s birthday tweet up and than dropped by my best friends folks as I haven’t seen them in a while.

How was your weekend?
Do you find yourself feeling guilty if you miss a workout?

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