Bobsleigh Talent Camp

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Richmond Oval

The last time I ventured to the Oval was for a paddling clinic before the 2010 Olympics and on Sunday I was given a chance to take part in a BC bobsleigh/skeleton talent camp.

Right around the mid paddling season point, I came up with this goal/fitness challenge of taking part in a talent camp, if I made it sweet if not I was able to make it that far. The original goal was to enter one next year but after a few bobsledders I know egged me on to do it this year. Do have to say that it was a great learning curve and now I know what I need to work which would also help with my paddling.

It was really nice to be part of a small group of 8 (12 people signed up though) people instead of a huge group of 30+, this way you aren’t waiting around to long. Being the only female who took part did suck as I wasn’t really able to gauge myself against my own gender and all the guys having true track backgrounds which also didn’t help but at least they didn’t laugh at me.

Now the waiting game begins as I wait for my results.

How was your long weekend?


Practice on a long weekend

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Most of the time teams/clubs have a day off when it’s a long weekend but we decided to train anyways as we are racing in less then 3 weeks and a extra practice doesn’t hurt.

Since it’s the long weekend and there wasn’t really one on the lake, our coach decided to mix it up by having 16 of us in the dragon boat and 6 in the 6 man outrigger (oc6) and switch us though a few times to work on a few different drills. Since in a outrigger you paddle both sides every couple strokes (10 or so) and with my shoulder/arm that is still not 100% yet I just stayed in the dragon boat. I really do miss training on both sides of a dragon boat and even to outrigger. Right now I keep telling myself, it’s one day at a time. :hyper2:

After practice I meet up with a @BCBerrie from twitter over lunch. It’s always nice to be able to hang out with someone in person then always talk via twitter/facebook/chat. The commute home was insane it was grid lock heading out of town and seemed like it was normal rush hour traffic flow heading into town. But thankfully I don’t have to go anywhere but the gym on Monday.

How is your long weekend/Saturday going?

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