Dragon Boat – Indoor Cup

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I’m surprised I haven’t written about this before on PGN.

Over the years I’ve seen youtube clips of dragon boat teams in Germany having indoor competitions were you have paddlers in a dragon boat doing a tug of war style race. It’s one of my favourite drills as a paddler and as a coach. I’m use to seeing the front half the the boat turn around so your facing the back half, while in the first video they also showcase the paddlers in the back half turning around so they would be facing the steersmen at the back of the boat.

A Indoor Cup in Germany

The Quebec Indoor Cup

While I was surfing around looking for a video or two to post, I noticed that There is an indoor cup in now in Quebec as well. I think I live in the wrong province! They also do a race where you have all 20 paddlers and the drummer, only person you are missing on the boat is the steersman. That race looks really interesting and FUN!!

This video doesn’t show case the drummer, but you get the idea

As a dragonboater, some days I wish we had something like this here in Vancouver, as it’s something to do in the winter months plus more Team bragging rights the better.. Right? Maybe one day…