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With Vancouver/Canada welcoming the world to our backyard next week for the 2010 Winter Olympics. I’m all for the purchasing 2010 gear but I’d rather support our local stores and companies then purchase something like those famous red mitts that aren’t made here in Canada.

3H Craftworks Society a non-profit organization that is a craft therapy program for adults with disabilities and has been in the heart of Kitsilano since 1966. The 3H used to stand for Handcrafts by the Home-bound, Handicapped until it was changed to 3H Craftworks in the mid 1990′s.

3H Craftworks came up with these Maple Leaf Hand Puppets for us Vancouverites/Canadians to show our support during the games (as well on Canada Day). These felt hand puppets are only $5.95 and are selling out fast. The store is located at 2208 West 4th Ave, Vancouver or call Joann at 604.736.2113

Maple Leaf Hand Puppet

Have you gotten yours yet?

John and a few others bloggers have already spotted them around town.

- This is not a sponsored post .. I’ve been involved with this organization since I was in diapers
* 1st picture is from 3H Craftworks


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