Three weekends, Three regattas

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Didn’t get a chance to write about each race individually, like I was hoping to as it seemed like I finished one race, came home, unpacked, laundry, packed and left again. So here is a breakdown of each race that I was just at.


1st of the three regatta’s was Penticton a small but booming town in the interior of BC. The weather was hot yet manageable, two of our teams from the club took part in this festival this year. By the time the afternoon heats on Saturday were happening the wind picked up so much that they had to cancel the afternoon races. Which sucked as we were just lined up to head out on the water but understanding safety and whatnot, though it was nice to head back to the hotel and relax in the pool before our team dinner that night.

Both teams kept improving their times over the weekend and both got into two different medal divisions which was awesome, though my team missed getting a bronze by ONE second. Oh well, there is always next year :)

San Fran

My second weekend of racing was in San Fran, I flew down on Friday to meet up with LARD a team from L.A. I made it to the hotel and checked in 30minutes before we were gonna be meeting in the lobby and head over to the race site and for a practice. 1. There wasn’t enough of us to take out a boat so we teamed up with a team from Denver who were also short some people.

The racing on Saturday and Sunday were great though I wish I brought more warmer/winter-ish clothing with me by Sunday afternoon the wind picked up and you were just cold. One thing I like about this festival is after the last race on Sunday they have the volunteer race where a lot of the paddlers from the previous race jump back into the boat with any volunteer that wants to take part.This year the dock crew made half the boats sit facing backwards and the front half sitting normally and paddle while other boats had everyone facing the steers and paddling backwards. Which made it really interesting to watch, if I wasn’t so cold I would have volunteer to paddle in that race.

All and all it was a great weekend of racing in both the womens division and the mixed, no bling but I came home with a nice suntan and a dead phone (it went swimming on the flight home)

Paddle North Shore

Last but not least, Paddle North Shore a brand new regatta that’s now on the radar for a lot of local dragon boat paddlers and outrigger paddlers. Since it was their first year, they decided to open it up to dragonboaters and outrigger paddlers since a lot of us paddle in both2.

Before I knew that my club was entering two dragonboat teams and two outrigger canoe teams in, I asked my mom if I could paddle with her team as they were short paddlers. Since her team Off Balance (a good half their team has MS) and another team O2P (Oh to Pee – which is a team of dialysis patients/paddlers) didn’t have enough paddlers to enter two different boats we became Off to pee.

Since a handful of the MS paddlers are needing assistance of getting into/out of the boat, our team got to load from a dock while every other team loaded into/out of the boat from the beach. Though since Off to pee had more then enough paddlers from both teams, both team managers decided that we’d load from the dock for two races and do two from the beach with everyone else. Which gave everyone a chance to take a break between races.

  1. All big international festivals allow any out of town teams that wants it, an extra practice before the festival, this allows everyone a chance to get use to the water conditions/boats etc
  2. Dragonboaters and Outrigger paddlers had their own heats


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