Chris Godwin: Tom Brady “recognizes that it’s just one week”

Chris Godwin: Tom Brady “recognizes that it’s just one week”

Six years ago this month, fans and pundits began to predict the demise of Tom Brady after a blowout loss in primetime to the Chiefs. The Patriots went on to win their first Super Bowl in a decade that same year, followed by another two years later. Followed by another two years later.

In the aftermath of Brady’s first game with a team other than the Patriots, the naysayers are saying that maybe it’s time to put Brady out to pasture. Obviously, those on the inside aren’t feeling quite as pessimistic. Including Brady himself.

“It’s turning the page,” receiver Chris Godwin told reporters regarding Brady’s reaction to the Week One loss to the Saints. “He’s obviously been through a ton of football, so he recognizes that it’s just one week. Like I said, the more we work together, the better we’ll be. We’re going to fix these little things — we’re going to be good.”

There’s no reason think things won’t improve for the Tampa offense.

“I think all of it is correctable,” Godwin said. “When you look at the tape, there’s a handful of things that we did that were just bad from a communication standpoint. All those things will get corrected as we learn from the film and as we just continue to play together, so I’m not particularly worried about any of that.”

He shouldn’t be. The Bucs drew a short straw to start the season with a trip to New Orleans. The schedule quickly gets softer. Beat the Panthers this weekend, and the vibe becomes dramatically different.