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I designed layout 11 (a.k.a Travel Bug) around an old tin container’s artwork as I’ll be traveling in December.

Growing up I’ve was always looking at the artwork on this tin container that my Grandpa held his pens and pencils in. With the images of an unknown world out there with mythical animals all over it it always got me thinking about my ancestors.

Paddling-Geek.Net History
On June 26, 2003 I purchased my first and only domain This domain still suits me to a tee years later. As I am the Paddling Geek!

Website History

I began web designing in the fall of 1999 with (one of the first social networking site of its time) after a year with them I decided to moved over to hypermart because of more website space. After awhile I decided to take the leap and purchase a domain and in June 2003 I purchased this domain.

From June 2003 to March of 2008, I hand coded everything since my old hosting company did not allow me to install wordpress or do anything I wanted to. After a month of not having a site due to my old hosting company being a pain. Aidan offered to host me and the rest is history.

Site Credits

Hosted: Suger-Devil.Org
Social Media Icons: Iconexpo.Com
Original Layout Design: “Bible Scholar” designed by Brandon Cox of (which is no longer around). I just tweaked it to the way I wanted it.

Site Disclaimer

Things you might see on the site, they are my personal joys (my writing, photos I’ve taken, or artwork I’ve made), You may NOT use anything of those items from this site unless I say you may and or it’s noted.


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