Ever since I could remember, I’ve had a bucket list though I may have never been posted it publicly online. So I’ve finally decided to put it online so this way I can work harder towards my goals, aspirations and achievements whatever they might be.

Working On

Sports Related
Aim for a injury free year (bad shoulder)
Film more practices
Film more races
Try out for Bobsleigh
Be part of a public Bobsleigh ride (March 2012)
Be able to run a 2K
Be able to run a 5K

Adventure / Travel
Play tourist in my own City
Travel across the pond (Dec 2011)
Compete/Race in a new City

Get another tattoo
Get a new piercing (- Industrial Feb 10 2012)
Work at getting my shoulder/arm stronger
Bench press 80 pounds (Jan 2012) – my shoulder is getting stronger :)
Bench press 100 pounds
Bench press 120 pounds
Bench press 140 pounds
Leg press 120 pounds (Jan 2012)
Leg press 140 pounds
Leg press 160 pounds
Leg press 190 pounds
Leg press 200 pounds
Leg press 215 pounds (April 2012)
Keep off the weight for 6months
Keep off the weight for 1 year

Make my own place-mats/table runner
Frame a bunch of my South Africa pictures and put them up

Try out a new crockpot recipe at least once month (1/12)
Try a new baking recipe at least once a month (1/12)
Try out a new bbq recipe

PGN Related/WWW
Clean up and organize the categories/tag sections
Blog more
Write about each new recipe I’ve made
Bring back “The question of the day”
Find new sites/blogs to read

Read a book or more on a trip (Dec 2011)
Finish a book in a day (Dec 2011) – It was two very long flights
Start reading a new series

Updated: April 2012


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