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kimm My name is Kimm, not Kim, or Kimmy. Just Kimm with two m’s. I am in my early 30′s and living on the west coast of Canada. I’ve been around water since I was an infant, I’ve mostly swam. It wasn’t until I was 14 when I picked up a dragon boat paddle for the 1st time. I knew this is a sport that I’m/was really gonna enjoy. When Vancouver hosted the world championships two years later I became really hooked on the sport. As I saw different teams around the world taking part in this amazing sport.

Kimm in drummers seat
Over the years I’ve had the chance to raced on about 12 different dragon boat teams and with 2 outrigger clubs , they all have varied from different recreational levels to a very competitive level. With the chances I been given with paddling with all these teams over the years I’ve been able to travel all over North America. I would love to travel with paddle in hand and race all over the world one of these days whether it’s on a dragonboat or outrigger.

I may be a paddling geek but I also enjoy two other totally different sports football (CFL,NFL,NCAA) and bobsleigh. Just like my paddling sports, bobsleigh is a timed sport and every second counts. With the start of the 2011 paddling season, I decided that this is the year I’d switch up my dryland training up by start focusing on a new goal that would help my paddling as well allow me to be fit enough to try out for bobsleigh even if I never take up the sport.

Kimm with paddle



When I’m not on the water training or coaching, I’m either at a gym or online somewhere.

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