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After 21 days of a lot of emails back and forth to my host, I’m finally able work on my site again. Thank you to Aidan who’s now hosting me. I owe you a dinner.. For the last, I don’t know very LOOONG while I’ve waiting to leave where I’m am currently hosted and what not I just haven’t been so pissed off at a company this much in a very long time. It feels like I’m pulling teeth when I’m trying to talk to them. Hopefully by the end of this week. [don't hold your breath on it] that I’ll be able to finally be free of that company forever.

Last few days I’ve been posting over at wordpress.com BUT it’s so nice to be back with my domain Hyper . It’s almost midnight and I have two projects due tomorrow. I should be working on them but as you see I’ve been playing around on my site for the last while (opps). After this post I’m gonna refill up my ice tea and play some 60′s classics as I work away on my two projects, and I don’t care if its gonna take me all night.