Biting into the rainbow

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Rainbow Cupcakes

Last night, I was hosting a Autumn Fest dinner which also included a four and a seven year old and I wanted the dessert to be more for them compared to the normal autumn related pie flavors (apple and or pumpkin) with ice cream.

After I saw the first mention about rainbow cupcakes (and or cakes) back in 2009, I knew I had to make it once the kidlet was old enough to really enjoy the dessert. And it wasn’t until I was going though my blinder of recipes the other day, I remembered about this dessert and just had to do it.

Since I first say that recipe, there have been many different versions of how to make it. How I made mine, was I used my favourite white cake mixed (box) and divided the batter into five bowls to add the different food colouring. For the icing, I did the seven minute icing.. It’s the only kind of icing that I do.. grew up with it and it works ..

This dessert was a hoot, not just with the girls but with everyone who attended this dinner.

6 thoughts on “Biting into the rainbow

  1. Noms! that looks really yummy and such a happy looking cupcake :D Michelle´s last [type] ..How updating a program made me hate my printer

  2. I have always wanted to make a rainbow cake! It came out so great! It looks amazing!
    Caity´s last [type] ..So many steps.

  3. That looks delicious! I think anything rainbow is good though.. rainbow cookies, rainbow cake, PC’s rainbow ice cream… nom nom nom.
    Katy´s last [type] ..Killing Cravings

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